About Company

Work in the field of social responsibility today – is one of the properties of Investment and Consulting Company (ICC) Proconsul corporate development. Consistent social policy can be clear to public, customers, employees, business partners and government.

ICC Proconsul operates in strict accordance with Ukrainian legislation and maintains an ongoing dialogue with Ukrainian government to improve the legal rules governing the real estate market.

The work of ICC Proconsul is focused on participation in social projects. In collaboration with partner companies ICC Proconsul is involved in an ambitious national program “Affordable housing”, is active in charity and philanthropy supporting as the traditional educational institutions and programs so cultural projects.

In today’s market a key role in maintaining the competitiveness of the company belongs to the staff – qualified, determined, devoted and confident in future.

Employees are main assets of ICC Proconsul, so the company strives to give its employees the best opportunities for professional growth and self-expression. Company constantly implements educational programs for employees, provides them the maximum social benefits and promotes the growth of the corporate culture.

ICC Proconsul works in the interests of all citizens living and working in Ukraine. Improving their living conditions, providing qualitative real estate services is the task Proconsul solves every day.