Investment Consulting

  • Consulting services on economic and legal aspects of real estate and land relations
  • The subject of the investment consulting
  • Commercial land of different categories
  • Area under development
  • Real estate

Geographical Spread

  • Ukraine
  • Kharkov
  • Kharkiv region

Map Services

  • Rapid analysis of investment attractiveness of the land
  • Analysis of the location of the plot
  • Evaluation of key parameters plot
    • Analysis of existing documents in order to identify urban and legal constraints
    • Expert assessment of the compatibility of the site with one or another type of real estate
    • Recommendations on the use of the site
    • Analysis of the best and most efficient use of land (ANNEI)
    • Identification of most effective use of the site or facility, including legal competence, physical feasibility, economic viability, the maximum efficiency
    • Identify the most effective combination of different types of property (retail, office, residential, etc.)
  • Develop an architectural concept